Toric IOLs are designed to treat astigmatism and deliver excellent vision at a single distance.


AcrySof Toric IOL (Alcon Labs, Fort Worth, Tx) is a one-piece SN60AT design, hydrophobic acrylic lens with a yellow chromophore. The optic is 6.0 mm. This lens can go through incision sizes as small as 2.2 mm corneal incision. The IQ Toric version of this lens is aspheric and comes in the cylindrical powers as on the table below. They are able to correct up to +4.5 D of corneal astigmatism. The spherical range available is 6 to 30 D. The lens has 3 axis marking dots on either side of the optic periphery which designate the direction of the steep axis of toric power. These are aligned with the haptics for easy alignment.