Cost is often important and sometimes an overwhelming factor, however, should not deter you from LASIK. The best thing a patient can do is educate themselves to understand what’s involved and what they are paying for. Understanding what is involved should ultimately be your deciding factor whether or not to have LASIK surgery.


The price of LASIK eye surgery varies depending on where you have the procedure done and which surgeon performs the surgery. Please consider the following and how it makes a difference when determining the final cost of LASIK eye surgery in Delaware.

The level of vision correction required is one factor. The cost of your LASIK procedure depends on how poor your eyesight is. The type of technology used during your procedure is another factor. The newer and more advanced technology will affect the cost of your procedure. At Eye Specialists of Delaware we leverage the latest technology to give you the best care. We want our patients to have the highest quality version of the procedure available. The final factor to consider is the skill level of your surgeon. Selecting a very skilled surgeon (which we strongly recommend) will impact the cost of your procedure.

The factors that contribute to the cost of your LASIK surgery also contribute to the effectiveness and safety of the procedure. We strongly advise against looking for a heavily discounted version of LASIK surgery. The procedure involves eliminating tissue and it cannot be undone. It is critical that you choose a surgeon with a high level of expertise, and a practice that takes safety first.

Pricing for LASIK at Eye Specialists of Delaware may vary slightly between patients because no two sets of eyes are the same. If more advanced treatment is needed, a higher cost could be incurred. During your initial consultation at the Eye Specialists of Delaware, we will explain all the treatment options necessary for you to be less dependent on contacts and glasses. We want to make sure you understand your investment and anticipated outcomes so there are no surprises.

We understand that the cost of LASIK can be daunting. We urge you to remember that it’s a visual world and you want optimal vision. Corrective eye surgery is an excellent investment in your personal well-being, we believe that financial considerations should not be an overwhelming obstacle. There are flexible payment options available through Care Credit.