Your insurance plan may not cover all services Eye Specialists of Delaware provides, including diagnostic tests, refractive surgery, and refractive cataract surgery. Services performed by a physician from Eye Specialists of Delaware at one of our surgical locations may not be covered services. Eye Specialists of Delaware physicians may not participate in (or be “enrolled” in) all of our accepted insurance plans. Always check first with your insurance plan prior to your visit to ensure our providers are in network. 

If your insurance plan requires an Authorization or Referral from your Primary Care Physician (PCP) or Primary Care Manager (PCM), you are responsible for obtaining the referral prior to being seen by our physicians. If your Authorization or Referral has not been received prior to being seen, you may receive a bill in the mail based on your insurance provider’s instructions.

Our offices require that you bring your insurance card and a picture ID to every visit. Providing the most recent medical insurance information ensures that your claims may be processed in a timely fashion. “Specialist” co-payment is expected at the time of service and unfortunately cannot be billed. If you do not have your co-payment, we will reschedule your visit for a later date.

You may update your address, phone number and insurance information by signing in to your patient portal at any time.