Monofocal lens implants are capable of correcting vision at distance or near but not both. When choosing this type of lens, most patients elect to have their distance vision corrected. Patients that do not have a significant astigmatism, there is a good chance they won’t need glasses for far vision but will still require reading glasses for near tasks.

This high-quality, clear lens delivers excellent vision at only one distance. The focal point or distance at maximum clarity can be set to distance (driving, golfing, watching TV), intermediate (grocery store shelves, computer, car dashboard), or near (reading, hobbies). There is no extra out-of-pocket cost with a monofocal lens during cataract surgery.


This implant technique uses a monofocal lens with a different power in each eye so that you don’t have to use glasses for most of your daily activities. Your dominant eye is generally set for distance, and the other eye is set for near. Many people successfully use monovision with contact lenses. Successful monovision requires cataract surgery to each eye.