Thank You!

As mother and wife – It’s not often I decide to do something strictly for myself. However, from day 1 of my consult the team at Eye Specialist at DE made the decision easy. They explained the procedure thoroughly and left me time to ask any questions as needed during my initial consult. From the day of my topography guided Lasik and follow ups the entire staff was welcoming and knew me as my preferred name every time I walked into the office. The Lasik was simple and painless, and the result gave me the confidence I needed. As a business professional I can’t wait to have new headshots done without the glasses. My daily routine has become so freeing, I no longer must worry about the hassle of glasses sliding off my face, fogging up from temperature change or cooking dinner and of course pulling my hair to just name a few. If I could recommend this to everyone, I knew with glasses or contacts I would. I have already began referring friends and family to the office. My husband cannot wait to have his done. It’s time to do something for you- you deserve it. THANK YOU AGAIN to Rhonda, Dr. Creech, Dr. Halpern, Sharon and the entire team!

Best Regards, <br/>
Amanda Facciolo<br/>
Loan Officer, Atlantic Home Loans