Welcome to Eye Specialists of Delaware, where our tradition of excellence has spanned for over 60 years. We have been a leader in providing the highest quality eye care in Delaware. Our goal is to help you enjoy a lifetime of the best vision possible. We are committed to excellence and focused on providing our community with the most technologically advanced diagnostic equipment and surgical vision correction procedures in the state. At Eye Specialists of Delaware, you will be treated in a modern, comfortable setting, by a team whose primary concern is your well-being.



Latest technologies for laser correction



Surgical & Non-surgical treatments along with premium lens options.



We offer multiple treatments to improve the vision of glaucoma patients.


Are you tired of wearing glasses all the time or wrestling with contacts daily? How would you like to wake up and be able to see your alarm clock clearly?

Most people have probably heard about LASIK, the refractive eye procedure that can help treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. It has become a popular procedure for more people to get the eyesight they have always wanted without the need for glasses or contacts.


Eye Specialists of Delaware is the superior choice for eye care in Kent and Sussex counties. We are dedicated to the care and treatment of our patients. We will take the time to explore all of your options for eye care. Our sophisticated state of the art facilities offer the most advanced treatment available for eye conditions. Our ophthalmology surgeons, Dr. David Creech and Dr. Michael Munro specialize in advanced cataract surgery, laser and refractive vision correction and progressive glaucoma treatments.

Cataract Surgery & Treatment

Your eye's lens is made up of proteins and fluids that allow light to pass through and focus on the retina. Cataracts are the gradual clouding of the eye's naturally clear lens. Over time, the lens in the eye can become cloudy and hard. Cataracts can develop from normal aging, an eye injury or if you have taken medications such as steroids.


Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is a condition caused by damage to the optic nerve. The damage occurs when intraocular pressure in the eye becomes elevated, limiting the optic nerve's ability to transmit information to the brain. Glaucoma may start with the loss of peripheral vision and later advance to reduced central vision. If left untreated, it may eventually lead to total blindness.

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What Our Patients Have to Say

My experience was amazing! My eyes are better than ever. The staff and service was second to none. I would definitely refer others to your office for this, or similar, services.
My eyes are better than ever.
Great Doctor and very good personally. -Broadus Merritt
Great Doctor
Great staff. Always professional and pleasant.  -Peggy Adlar
Professional and Pleasant
Love my vision after Lasik!!! Great experience!!  -Teresa Craig
Great Lasik Experience!
Excellent service, caring and professional staff. I’m satisfied.  -Bill McKenzie
Excellent Service
Everyone professional and friendly  -Lora Harper
Everyone professional and friendly
Wait time was minimal. The staff was friendly and made me feel very comfortable. They answered my questions. I had a very through exam and was in and out in about 45 minutes!!  -Debbie White
Friendly, Comfortable, and Minimal Wait Time
The staff at Eye Specialists of Delaware is first class very comforting.  -Herb Konowitz
First Class; Very Comforting
My surgery went very well and my eyes have never seen or felt better! Thanks to the whole team!  -Patrick Boyle
Surgery went very well
I had a very experience , definitely will go back. -Mille Boc
Will go back
I had Lasik done about a week ago and all I can say is I’m very impressed. A great surgeon, calm and professional which made me comfortable. I loved how informational he was. He did not use big medical terms
Thank you for a great experience
Dr. Creech and his staff are amazing! Very easy and comfortable experience. Getting Lasik was the best money I’ve ever spent.  -Kevin Warne
Best money I’ve ever spent
Our city of Dover is blessed to have Dr. Creech. He is a fantastic surgeon with the added bonus of a warm and caring bedside manner. He always has time to answer my questions and address my concerns professionally and
I couldn’t be in better hands than with Dr. Creech and his team
Dr. Creech is excellent and makes sure to go over every step with his patients. He want them to be sure they know what they are getting into and are comfortable before they walk out of the room. He is
Dr. Creech and his staff at Eden Hill are very attentive and accommodating, despite how incredibly busy they are. They are definitely dedicated to patient care. I work for another office in this building and they have thoroughly impressed me;
Very Attentive and Accommodating
I highly recommend this practice! I had Lasik here recently, and could not be more pleased with the results. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive! I saw Dr Creech for the initial consult, and he took time to answer
I highly recommend this practice!
I was very satisfied with the whole experience. Every one was professional and and helpful . -Janice Starkey
Professional and Helpful
Everyone was polite, and efficient. They were easy to talk to and explained everything they were doing.  -Albert Ruffin
Polite and Efficient
I am Henry G. from Dover, DE. I recently had both eyes corrected by Dr. Creech. I am very impressed with him and his office. I was referred to him by my eye doctor who thought it was time for
I am impressed!
Excellent service the technician that did all the prep work before seeing doctor was outstanding and the doctor explained everything. -Larry Couch
Excellent Service
Choosing Dr. Creech and his team for my long-awaited Lasik procedure was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Everything from the consultation to the surgery to the recovery was flawless, and I could not have asked for a
My only regret is not doing it sooner.
Dr. Creech and all of the staff here are wonderful. Everyone here is very attentive and you can tell that they care about their patients. I got lasik eye surgery here and it was a breeze!! All of the staff
Attentive and Helpful
From my lasik consultation all the way up until the procedure and months after for my check ups, I have nothing but wonderful things to say!! Rhonda coordinated everything and was so helpful with all of my questions. During the
Lasik was the best decision ever!
Staff is very friendly…I really like this place and the Dr’s too.  -Anne Cooke
I really like this place
I had an excellent visit. Everything went very well. The staff and the doctors were great.  -Joseph Flamer
Staff and Doctors were Great
Office very clean. Staff also very thorough. Personality of staff is excellent . -Debbie Ostendarp
Thorough and Excellent
I was amazed at the professionalism and care given to me by the staff. They know their job and moved me through the process quickly and with great and affable manners. Thank you!!  -Tee Walsh
Great and Affable Manners
I haven’t yet met or been examined by Dr. Creech yet but the staff I dealt with were excellent and very professional. 
Staff is Excellent and Very Professional
Front desk associates are awesome. Always very friendly and kind. Doctors are extremely patient, kind and thorough.  -Genelle Hughes
Friendly and Kind
Thorough and professional. Every one there talks to me like I’m a grown up capable of understanding their words. Its most refreshing.  -Robin Romine
Thorough and Professional
I’m very happy with my visit. I found the staff very efficient and professional as well as pleasant. I have never had such a thorough examination.  -Carmela Stoddart
Very Efficient and Professional
Much improved procedure processing and decreased waiting time. Excellent time and patient management compared to the past.  -Don Kelleher
Excellent Time and Patient Management
On time….pre-checkin was great…checkin was easy….new patient portal great…nice staff  -David Pitts
Loved the new automated check in process! I was greeted warmly & professionally. Reduced “wait time” I was in and out less than 1.5 hours.  -Beatrice Bell
Reduced Waiting Time
Everyone was very nice and professional. They put you at ease for your first time visit.  -Leonora Smith
Very Nice and Professional
Staff is nice but they could do a better job of scheduling. Every time I bring my mother we have to wait at least 45 minutes to be seen and when you finally go back for your eye test you
Staff is nice
Front desk staff and eye tech responsive, very nice. Dr. Halpern spent a lot of time listening to my  problem and answering my questions. Although my eye problem can’t be fixed, I know that every option was discussed with me
Very nice and Responsive
Nice but some staff members could use training on being more polite to customers. . Most were nice and polite. Some was not. Was happy with the doctor but did not feel welcomed. I have deep reservations on going back. 
Most were Nice and Polite
Wonderful caring staff!! Highly competent and greatly skilled conscientious knowledgeable physicians!! I’m so appreciative of their care over the years. They have handled ALL my vision issues and dealt with my complicated medical history with supreme care!! So thankful to
Highly Competent and Greatly Skilled
Dr. Creech and staff are some of the best. I experienced no long wait times and all my questions were answered and leaving doubt. I would recommend this office to anyone who is need of a true craftsman of the
A True Craftsman of the Eye
The staff is very friendly and helpful. They took care of me right away. The office is clean and social distancing is observed. I would recommend this office to anyone needing a specialist eye doctor.  -M.Y.
Friendly and Helpful
I brought my mom to an appointment and I must say honestly the mistake was on my part. They treated my mom a year ago and was not able to help her. I was told to bring her back to
They were Nice
After you get past the receptionist, everything is well handled. The online system for new patients didn’t work and I was handed a packet to fill out again, with no explanation or apology. Plan to wait a bit, but seeing
Friendly, Accommodating, Social and Well-versed
All staff from front desk to doctors are positive, friendly and answer any questions and concerns thoroughly, the good and the not so good results. Keep up the great work!  -S Taylor
Positive and Friendly
Most thorough evaluation I’ve ever had. The equipment was amazing. Staff and Dr Creech we’re GREAT !!!!! They will be doing my cataracts. I’m most comfortable and confident !!  -Jim Cunliffe
Amazing, Thorough, and Great Doctor and Staff
I’m needing cataract surgery in the not too distant future. I was very hesitant about it but it is definitely something that I must address. After my visit/consultation with Dr. Creech and the staff, I am much more relaxed and
I have been coming here since 2010. They are all very friendly & compassionate people. They always take great care of me. When I was going through a very challenging time they were very sensitive to my needs and times
Friendly & Compassionate People
Dr. Creech is an excellent doctor. Very thorough and explains things. Had cataracts removed and stents implanted. Great experience and happy with just about perfect eyesight! Highly recommend him.  -Paris Mano
Great Experience
I feel so cared in this office! The staff and Dr. Ryan Halpern are so thorough in their examinations and so caring. I have never seen such an amazing patient care in any other offices. They go the extra mile
Highly Recommended
I appreciate the staff for always being pleasant and professional. Keep up the great work. Much appreciated. -Carla Shipman
Pleasant and Professional
My visit with the doctor was very professional. The office staff were very friendly and professional. I felt comfortable with the safety precautions that the office has in place for COVID-19. -EH, 9/9/2020
Very Professional
The main thing is I felt cared about and that Dr. Munro has the expertise to give me excellent eye care. -MV, 9/9/2020
Felt Cared About
This was an emergency eye appointment and I was very impressed with the doctor and his staff. -MV, 9/9/2020
Very Impressed
I am very pleased with Dr Munro and his entire staff. They have answered all of my questions and treated me with compassion and care. -SF, 9/9/2020
Very Pleased
I was treated courteously and felt comfortable with the cleanliness of the facility. I would recommend to anyone. -SF, 9/9/2020
Recommended to Anyone
I have been going there for quite a few years now and have always found the staff to be very professional and caring. -EH, 9/10/2020
Professional and Caring
Very Informative and Professional
Wonderful staff…friendly and attentive. Dr. Munro was informative and friendly. Overall a great experience….. Thank you! -SF, 9/12/2020
Thank You!
Everyone is so pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable. great experience. -MV, 9/18/2020
Great Experience
Very impressed with Dr Munro he was very honest with me and gave me all the facts regarding my request to have Lasik surgery. He explained why that wouldn’t be in my best interest and explained that he would see
Very Impressive
Everyone is very friendly, which is so important in today’s climate. -SF, 9/19/2020
Very Friendly
Entire staff is courteous and very knowledgeable in everything they do. During these trying times they make you feel safe. -EH, 9/19/2020
Make You Feel Safe
Thanks for you service, Everyone very friendly and helpful. -EH, 9/20/2020
Very Friendly and Helpful
Front Desk is professional and responds to your needs. Dr. Munro’s care and knowledge, makes you feel confident. -MV, 9/21/2020
Makes You Feel Confident
My first visit was excellent. Top-notch professionalism and caring at each stage (check-in, Ophthalmic Technician testing, Dr’s observations/comments, checkout/scheduling next appointment). Very little wait time at any stage. Waiting areas chairs are placed for social distancing. I am very afraid
Top-notch Professionalism
I have been a patient for approximately 10 years. The staff are very friendly, helpful and willingly to take the time to explain things. – EH, 7/16/2020
Friendly Staff
Thank you for reminders and I thought the flow of eye exams was steady with no wait time that was not necessary also the doctor explained all of my concerns. see you next year. – EH, 7/17/2020
Thank You!
Loved this place.. staff and Dr were very nice and professional. I didn’t have to wait long and felt confident about my care. – SF, 7/10/2020
Love This Place
I like the reminders for appt. Office practice of masks and distancing is done very well. Exam on time and we’ll explained. – SF 7/15/2020
Exam Is On Time and Well Explained
I love the people in this office, and think the world of Dr. Munro. – SF, 7/22/2020
Love The People In This Office
Very nice and professional – MV, 7/16/2020
Nice and Professional
Everyone that works there is so welcoming and makes the process go smoothly. They explained everything to me and made me feel at ease for my LASIK surgery. – EH, 6/3/2020
Feel at Ease
Excellent experience every time. – EH, 6/10/2020
Excellent Experience
Everyone in the practice was informative and pleased to help. – SF, 5/29/2020
Informative and Pleased to Help
I love the way they take care of my husband on his yearly checkup and would tell a friend who needed help with their eyes recommended Dr Munro to them. – SF, 6/3/2020
Recommend Dr. Munro
Been a patient of Dr. Munro for several years He and his team are fantastic, easy with which to speak, and extremely professional. Always have a great experience for any procedure, checkup or exam. – SF, 6/7/2020
Great Experience
Dr. Munro is a caring man, he really cares for his patients. He takes the time to answer questions and performs all testes to make sure he covers all bases concerning your eye care. – SF, 6/9/2020
Dr. Munro Is A Caring Man
I expected to have a long wait due to the bat virus. What I received was quick appointment then both eyes scheduled for YAG Laser procedure all by the end of June. Quick pleasant service definitely 2 thumbs up. Would
Recommended To Anyone
Rating is FIVE STAR for all areas. I found everyone; the reception personnel, the Technicians and Dr. Munro very congenial and easy to talk to. Everyone was very friendly and made me feel very much at ease. Employees where very
Five Star
I wish all of my medical appointments were as professional, organized and as friendly as your office. – MV, 6/1/2020
Professional and Friendly Office
Dr. Munro and his entire staff provided excellent care and follow up in every way as I had to have cataracts removed from both eyes. They had state of the art equipment in the Millville office to remove scar tissue
Provides Excellent Care
As mother and wife – It’s not often I decide to do something strictly for myself. However, from day 1 of my consult the team at Eye Specialist at DE made the decision easy. They explained the procedure thoroughly and
Thank You!
Very caring and understanding -Anonymous, 3/10/2020
From front desk to the examination rooms staff couldn’t have be any more caring. -Anonymous, 3/11/2020
Very Caring
Great Doctor…..it explains things very well. – B. Wilkerson, 3/13/2020
Great Doctor
Dr. Creech and Dr. Nyugen are a great team and their staff is excellent. -L. Lapinski, 3/8/2020
Was impressed with the whole visit. – J. Tyler, 3/10/2020
Excellent care from everyone. Really liked Dr. Creech’s relaxed attitude. -L. Smith, 3/11/2020
Excellent care from everyone
I have concerns about having to go somewhere else for refraction. I also have concerns about treatment for macular degeneration; I have been wearing glasses since I was 2 1/2 years old. I have never had an ophthalmologist that is
Very Specialized
Always very professional from front desk to the eye exams. -Steven, 2/13/2020
Always very professional
Dr. Munro is excellent. He provides information and answers questions thoroughly while treating you in a respectful way. I have been pleased with my cataract surgery process and results and would highly recommend him to anyone. -Colleen, February 11, 2020
Dr. Munro is excellent
Great service and friendly. -Ella, EH 2/8/2020
Great service and friendly
Very informative. Got all my questions answered. -Sharlene, EH 2/6/2020
Very informative
I was seen within 20 minutes of my appointment, ‘everyone’ was so friendly and explained everything before the tests were rendered. I also expressed this with Dr Creech. -Geraldine, EH 2/6/2020
explained everything before the tests were rendered
Dr. Munro and his staff provide excellent care as well as clear and precise instructions following treatment. Dr. Munro takes his time in discussing procedures and follow ups to ensure everything is going smoothly. -Kelly,  2/5/2020
Provide excellent care
The entire staff were very pleasant. It was a long wait but worth every minute of it -Laura, 2/4/2020
long wait but worth every minute
Always very professional and on time. -Winifred, February 4, 2020
Always very professional and on time
Always very professional and on time. -Winifred, February 4, 2020
Always very professional and on time.
From front desk employees that were so helpful and pleasant to Dr. Munro’s thorough and professional exam, I am so pleased my husband and I chose Eye Specialists of DE. All my concerns were addressed and explained. So happy to
So happy to have a great ophthalmologist nearby
Dr. Munro and his staff at Eye Specialist of Delaware are the most professional, efficient and courteous medical group I ever encountered. I highly recommend them you won’t be disappointed. – David, January 28, 2020
most professional, efficient and courteous medical group I ever encountered
Dr. Munro was wonderful…he kept asking me how I was doing during my procedure. I was extremely nervous. Had to wait 2 hrs. To see him..but only due to one of his staff members went home sick. Everyone understood…. especially
Dr. Munro was wonderful
directions were clear and personnel helpful and friendly. -Glenda, 1/29/2020
helpful and friendly
Always a bit busy but friendly and professional. You just need to be prepared to wait a bit to get everything done. No sense however that everyone isn’t working as quickly as they should. Eden Hill Office 1/14/2020
Friendly and professional
Very professional and accommodating 1/14/2020
Very professional and accommodating
Dr. Munro’s expertise and kindness are unmatched. His staff is perfect also. All are kind, courteous and efficient. We are grateful. 1/14/2020
Expertise and kindness are unmatched
Very professional and thorough in checkup. Friendly staff. Eden Hill Office 1/8/2020
Very professional and thorough in checkup
Dr. Munro and his staff are an excellent and professional staff, and so pleasant.
Excellent and professional
Dr. Munro was professional and on time. Millville Office 12/23/19
Dr. Munro was professional and on time.
Very courteous and professional
I am very pleased with my eye care received by Dr. Munro. I continue to do well after my cataract surgery 3 years ago which he performed. I never feel that he is rushed when he does my exam and
I am very pleased with my eye care
I was so very pleased with the excellent, professional, caring service from everyone involved with my visit. 12/11/19
Very pleased with the service
The appointment was easy to make. I was seen by Dr. Munro and his staff at the appointed time, and the medical advice was clear and concise.
The appointment was easy to make
Dr. Munro is the best.! Very patient and kind. Takes time to answer all questions and thoroughly explains any issues you are experiencing.
very patient and kind
Very personable, efficient, knowledgeable on all phases of eye care. His staff is top notch. Would refer anyone to him without reservation. Him and his staff are outstanding. CAROLE in Dover, DE | Jan 31, 2019
top notch
My visits and cataract surgeries provided by Dr. Munro, were always a positive experience. His surgery skills are Phenomenal! Dr. Munro and his staff are the most courteous and professional people I have ever met. I highly recommend Dr. Munro.
His surgery skills are Phenomenal


With new treatment options, the future is bright

Eye Specialists of Delaware is committed to excellence and focused on providing our patients with the highest quality eye care and the most technologically advanced diagnostic equipment and surgical vision correction procedures in the state of Delaware. At Eye Specialists of Delaware, you will be treated in a modern, comfortable setting by our ophthalmologists and staff that specialize in eye care. Our primary concern is your well-being.

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