Restor Activ Focus


Recommend AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® +2.5 D IOL with ACTIVEFOCUSTM optical design for your patients with active lifestyles,* such as those who:

  • Participate in activities requiring more intermediate (53 cm/21 in) and distance (4 m/13 ft) vision*
  • Are not willing to compromise distance vision for a full range
  • Desire more opportunity for a range of vision versus monofocal
  • Might prefer an alternative to monovision
  • Desire increased spectacle independence


The ACTIVEFOCUSTM optical design is engineered to take your patients’ distance vision a step further while providing the balanced near and intermediate performance with the goal of reducing spectacle dependence for activities like1-3:
Driving and dashboard viewing
Playing or watching live sports
Attending theater or performance events