Very Impressive

I was very impressed with my visit and Dr. Creech was very patient when I talked to him and answered questions regards to the type of lens, etc. All the others who I assume were technicians were very efficient and gave the impression that they were very knowledgeable in their field of service. I am scheduled for cataract surgery on 8/6. The scheduling person (Tiffany) was very informative and went through all the necessary paperwork. That night I was talking to my son who suggested that I call her and ask her to clarify two questions regarding the exact location where the virus test has to be done and if I needed to call them or if she notifies them. These answers were promptly handled for ease. I also asked whether the person who drives me to Eden Hill would have to stay in the car or some other area. She advised that when they call me from the surgical center they will most likely advise me then. I was very pleased.

– EH, 7/18/2020