Felt Cared About

The main thing is I felt cared about and that Dr. Munro has the expertise to give me excellent eye care. -MV, 9/9/2020

Very Impressed

This was an emergency eye appointment and I was very impressed with the doctor and his staff. -MV, 9/9/2020

Great Experience

Everyone is so pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable. great experience. -MV, 9/18/2020

Very Impressive

Very impressed with Dr Munro he was very honest with me and gave me all the facts regarding my request to have Lasik surgery. He explained why that wouldn’t be in my best interest and explained that he would see me once a year or to call him immediately if my vision changed -MV, 9/18/2020

Makes You Feel Confident

Front Desk is professional and responds to your needs. Dr. Munro’s care and knowledge, makes you feel confident. -MV, 9/21/2020