Very nice and Responsive

Front desk staff and eye tech responsive, very nice. Dr. Halpern spent a lot of time listening to my  problem and answering my questions. Although my eye problem can’t be fixed, I know that every option was discussed with me in a supportive environment.  -Gina Paret

Friendly, Accommodating, Social and Well-versed

After you get past the receptionist, everything is well handled. The online system for new patients didn’t work and I was handed a packet to fill out again, with no explanation or apology. Plan to wait a bit, but seeing the staff is well worth the wait. Friendly, accommodating, social and well versed, the staff moved many patients through without pause. Dr. Halpern was thorough, kind, and informative. Scheduling was easy, check out as well. …

Highly Recommended

I feel so cared in this office! The staff and Dr. Ryan Halpern are so thorough in their examinations and so caring. I have never seen such an amazing patient care in any other offices. They go the extra mile to give me their best attention and treatment. They take their time to help me and they exceed all my expectations. I highly recommend their care to all people.  -Maria Gonzalez